Muscle testing 101


Are you curious about how to know exactly what your body needs?

You know how your friend finds a product or food she LOVES, she says it changes her life in all of the Best Ways – yet, when you try it, you are underwhelmed? What if you could check to see if YOUR body loves that as much as hers does? Before you buy it?


Muscle testing/kinesiology can be used to take the guesswork out of supporting YOUR health and wellbeing. We will review a bit of the how and why, then teach you how to partner with someone (the simplest testing) as well as demonstrate how you can hone your own personal feedback system.

Wouldn’t it be great to know what you need and will help your body work at it’s best? This is the workshop for you!

Learn how to incorporate muscle testing into your daily life for optimal health and wellness. There will be a 1 1/2 hour talk/demonstration on muscle testing and 1/2 hour set aside to test items you bring.

Register for an upcoming workshop:

November 13th at 6pm Charlotte NC

OR Schedule a Muscle Testing Workshop in your home or office. Contact Lori for details.